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LimbZipper’s mission is to make forestry more rewarding and enjoyable for the family forest owner by helping them add value to their trees through pruning and early forest tending.

With the LimbZipper system, forest owners can quickly and easily prune trees with the professional quality tools they need to do the job. The system is designed to make all the tools accessible and interchangeable when needed, increasing productivity, and making the time spent in the woods more satisfying.

How much time needed to prune pine tree to 18 feet?

Is LimbZipper The Best Tree Pruner Ever?

LimbZipper was founded by entrepreneur, logger, and forestry enthusiast Russell Barnes. Long fascinated by the individual tree and a person’s ability to positively influence its growth, Russell’s years making a living in the woods taught him the importance of growing quality timber.

Russell has spent many hours pruning trees with pole saws over the years and knows their limitations well. LimbZipper has completely changed his thinking about pruning. The pruning goes faster and is easier on the body, making a day of pruning more enjoyable. “When pruning with a pole saw, I was looking for the last tree, but when pruning with LimbZipper, I’m looking for the next tree”.

Growing quality timber is an important endeavor for family woodland owners. Quality logs have always been in high demand. The landowner who purposely grows quality log trees will be rewarded with higher timber values in the future for themselves and their family. LimbZipper wants to help family forest owners improve the value of their timber and enjoy the work in the process.

What LimbZipper Is

LimbZipper is a pruning system for growing knot-free, high value logs. The LimbZipper pruning head is designed to cut branches next to main stem to improve timber quality. It has been extensively documented that pruning the butt log of small diameter trees from 2 to 7 inches (5cm to 18cm) diameter is an effective way to improve future log quality and value.

The goal of the LimbZipper system is to provide robust, easy to use, efficient tools for pruning all branch configurations on timber trees. The tools are easily carried while leaving the hands free to do the work. The LimbZipper system allows you to have access to every tool you need when you need it.

What LimbZipper is Not

It is not meant for cuts further out on the branch where the branch becomes flexible. In other words, the tool is not designed for pruning fruit trees or ornamentals. Attempting to make such cuts will result in frustration and possible damage to the pruning head’s blades.

Benefits of LimbZipper

The LimbZipper system allows you to prune trees faster and more efficiently than with a pruning saw by itself.

Many branches can be pruned while standing in one place, reducing the amount of walking. Pruning can be done from a spot where you can get a firm footing and prune two-thirds to three-quarters around the tree. This is hard to do with a pruning saw due to the position the saw needs to be in when cutting.

With the LimbZipper pruning head, most branches can be pruned with one quick downward pull instead of an up-and-down sawing motion. This results in less fatigue and more trees pruned during a work session. One-handed pruning is also easy to do in smaller diameter branches.

The pruning head design allows for a clean cut with practically no bark ripping below the branch. This eliminates damage to the trunk which can lead to defects in the log. Clean pruning with the LimbZipper pruning head is faster than with a pole saw. To reduce bark ripping with a pole saw, the branch first needs to be cut several inches out from the trunk (called “stubbing out”) and then cut flush with the branch collar. The LimbZipper pruning head eliminates the need to stub out the branch first, resulting in fewer cuts and less motion per tree pruned.

Pruning with the LimbZipper system is efficient and effective. This makes pruning more rewarding, allowing you to enjoy working in your own woods and to take pride in growing high-quality trees.

The LimbZipper System

LimbZipper Pruner Head

pruner headThe LimbZipper pruner head lies at the heart of the system. With its two-knife cutting action branches are cleanly severed with little or no bark ripping. This is important while pruning live branches especially during the active growing season. Ripped bark creates an entry point for fungi which can result in degraded logs. The hooked upper knife is placed over the branch then slid along the branch toward the main stem to the desired cutting location. Then firm downward pressure is applied to the pole. This creates the cutting action. As soon as the cut is complete a spring return the knives to the ready position.

LimbZipper Pole

telescopic poleThe LimbZipper pole is made of lightweight aluminum that telescopes from 7.6 ft to 13.6 ft or (2.3m to 4.1m) with 4 intermediate stops. This allows pruning to about 18.5 ft (5.6m) depending on the height of the worker. The pole has a rubber foot which protects the base of the pole while at the same time creating a good grip for pulling the pole downward with one hand. This is a real plus in wet or snowy conditions.

LimbZipper Hand Saw

hand sawThe LimbZipper hand saw functions both as a handheld pruning saw for low branches and as a pole saw as it easily snaps onto the pole. The pruner head and saw are quickly interchangeable on the pole. The time required to switch tools is under 10 seconds. The main reason for the saw is to cut the few branches that the LimbZipper head cannot manage. Examples would be branches greater than 1 inch in diameter, branches with acute angle attachments to the main stem or other multiple branch configurations that interfere with the proper operation of the LimbZipper head. The saw in a sense protects the pruning head from inadvertent abuse.

LimbZipper Belt Hooks

belt hooksThe LimbZipper belt hooks are small hooks that attach to your tool belt. The open hook is used to store the LimbZipper head when the pruning saw attachment is being used. Pruning work continues with the LimbZipper head hanging from the belt hook. With a convenient place to store the LimbZipper head there is no need to put it on the ground, hang it from a limb, or somewhere else where it is easily misplaced. The pruning head remains within easy reach as the worker moves through the woods. When the saw is no longer being used the LimbZipper head goes back on the pole and the hand saw goes in the saw scabbard. The snap hook is used to attach the saw scabbard to your tool belt. Both hooks come with a belt loop that can fit a 2” wide belt. Having the two hooks on your belt means that your tools will be right there when you need them.

LimbZipper Saw Scabbard

saw scabbardThe LimbZipper saw scabbard not only protects the worker and the saw blade but most importantly it makes the saw available for use when it is needed.

To have a good LimbZipper pruning experience all components of the system need to be used together. This allows the worker to have everything they need when they need it. Which is why the LimbZipper pruning head is not sold separately from the other system components. The pruning head is part of the whole LimbZipper system.

The price of the complete 5-item system is $395 and includes free shipping.

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